Once upon a time…

There was a training vessel named the Pollux. She is a replica, three mast sailing bark and dates from 1850. She was first launched in 1940 with the purpose to serve as training vessel for the Royal Dutch Sail and Rowing Club. From 1940 to 1984 she was moored at the Oosterdok in Amsterdam and during this time future sailors were climbing up and down the masts to raise her sails. Between 1989 – 1991 she was moored at IJmuiden where she was used as a residential vessel and since 2012 she is back in her home: Amsterdam 020. Since 2013 until present she is moored at the IJ; in the middle of the up & coming NDSM area. 


Next events:

Amsterdam Dance Event: October 16 till 20 2019
Music and Conference program at Club SES – Pollux Pacific:

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